The only 5* Rated Messenger Sales App that converts both store visitors and social audience with a plug & play way!

What is Flashchat?

Flashchat is the easiest way to convert both your store visitors + your Facebook page audience into paying customers using Messenger!

How is Different?

In contrast with other Messenger or Abandoned Cart Recovery Apps that focus only on store visitors, Flashchat also syncs stores with Facebook inbox and Facebook posts, responds to incoming messages & comments automatically helping merchants to turn random social chats into new sales on autopilot.

Moreover, Flashchat helps merchants to leverage the data they collect through the Automated Messenger Conversations and reconnect with their entire audience sending Targeted Messenger Campaigns that constantly increase traffic & sales opportunities.

Key Features:

  • “Messenger Abandoned Cart Notifications” to recover more lost sales
  • “Add to Cart Widgets” & “Messenger PopUps” to build your Messenger List
  • “Welcome Message” & “Comments Auto-replies” on your Facebook Store Page to expand your Messenger List further
  • “1-2-1 Campaigns” to re-engage with your Messenger List distributing relevant content
  • “Offer of the day” Campaigns to boost sales further creating urgency
  • “Mass Messenger Campaign” to reactivate your entire Messenger List
  • “Hot Words” to automate smart replies to Store & Facebook Store Page visitors and convert FAQs into sales opportunities
  • “Custom Orders” to collect orders from less savvy customers coming from your Facebook Store Page and expand your customer base further

Here is How it Works:

  1. Install the Flashchat app
  2. Your product pages will have a “Send to Messenger” checkbox below the Add to Cart button.
  3. Your store visitors check the checkbox in order to receive updates & offers from your store on Messenger
  4. Your store visitors add a product to their cart, but they don’t complete their purchase
  5. Flashchat sends to all abandoners 2 Messenger reminders in order to complete their purchase
  6. Go to Flashchat dashboard and add discount coupons, configure texts & timing of the notifications to optimize abandoned cart conversions
  7. Once your Messenger abandoned cart campaigns start converting, go back to Flashchat dashboard and Activate Facebook Page features to start converting your social audience too.
  8. Schedule Targeted Messenger Campaigns to reconnect with your entire audience.

Why Flashchat charges based on Conversations and not based on Messages, Subscribers or Sales?

Automated Succesful Conversations help you assess your campaigns better, segment your audience & create a constant feedback loop with long-term benefits for your business.

Customer Support:

Our team of customer support heroes, developers & conversion specialists are available 24/7.

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