• The problem we are trying to solve:
    Say you run a facebook ad campaign to reach out to 10,000 prospects. 100 of them clicked on the ad and arrive at the product page of your store. Most of them left the site within 10 seconds. Some of them linger around much longer because they are interested. There is interest but not at a sufficient level for them to buy.

  • Current popular solutions:
    There are two popular solutions to this problem. One of them is to use a site-wide banner. to advertise a discount for new customers. The problem is that this banner will be shown to all visitors, not just prospects. The offer is also shown when the prospect reach the site, not when the prospect is lingering over the product.
    Another solution is to use a popup to acquire email of prospects. A discount offer is offered in return. Problem is that the popup is shown to all visitors. The conversion will be lower as it requires the prospect to open their email and act on it.

  • The solution we offer:
    Our solution is to show the offer only to new prospects. We will show it at the right moment when they are lingering over the product’s photos. The app will track the amount of time the product’s photos are interacting with the photos. If there is significant interest, the app will offer a good offer for the new visitor in the sales pop-up.

  • Sales popup designed to acquire new customers
    The app will check whether the visitor is a new prospect or an existing customer. Offer is only presented to the visitor or logged-in customer who has yet to make a single purchase.

  • Popup triggered by genuine interest from visitors
    The app uses time spent on the product’s photos to determine whether it is genuine interest. The popup will be shown after the visitor had spent a significant amount of time interacting with the photos. The amount of time is customizable.

  • 1-click buy button
    1-click buy button will bring visitor straight to Shopify’s checkout page. It reduces sales fiction as it skipped the “add to cart” portion of the checkout process. Our app uses Shopify’s features to implement this feature.
    The app will use the currently selected option and it will work with single or multiple product variants.
    It is also tested on popular themes. It uses jQuery to retrieve the selected product variant. It will not work with a heavily customized theme that uses Angular or other similar frameworks.

  • Responsive and customizable
    The app is responsive on all mobile devices. You can easily edit the colour, fonts of the message and the popup bar.