How does Feedly help me use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Feedly automatically creates a product feed of all your stores products or variants. You can then add the product feed to your product catalog and dynamically create Facebook ads with the exact product your visitors viewed or added to cart!

Is there any set up I need to do for Feedly?

You need to have a Facebook Business Account, you can create on for free
You need to making sure your Facebook pixels are set up correctly on your store. Please use the Facebook Pixel Integration in your store settings.

After I set up the pixels do I have to update Feedly?

No, Feedly will update your product feed automatically for you whenever a change is made to your products.

Can I create custom product sets within my Product Catalog?

Yes, you can utilize Feedly’s Custom Labels feature to create product sets that are more refined than the general Facebook product categories.

What are the other benefits of using Feedly?

  1. No maintenance needed after initial setup.

  2. Your product feed will be fully hosted so you can have an unlimited amount of products and variants in your feed!

  3. Supported by Facebook Pixel Integration in your store’s settings so you don’t have to worry about adding code to your theme!

  4. Set Google Product Categories for your products or individual product sets.

  5. Add Link Tracking parameters to all of your URLs so you know exactly which sales are generated from your Dynamic Product Ads.

  6. Assign Custom Labels to individual products or products set so you can separate your Feed into multiple feeds however you want.