Leverage the power of Facebook. Generate more traffic to your store with the help of Shopify FB Wall Post App. Communicate efficiently with your Facebook community and boost the sales. Keeping the customers engaged on the social media platform is a time-consuming task. Every eCommerce store owner would relate to the fact that maintaining the Facebook page is difficult. The module exempts you from this extra effort. The online merchants can now update their Facebook wall with minimum effort.

It allows you to keep the customers informed about the products and the new arrivals. The automated addon saves time and ensures greater Facebook engagement. Reducing the task manual publication, the plugin helps you engage more visitors. You can now drive more traffic and enhance your store’s conversions.


  • The admin can post any product information on the facebook page of their store with only few button clicks.
  • The merchant can even display the low stock alert to the facebook page. This helps accelerating the purchase intention of the customers
  • You can now create a buzz about the new arrivals on facebook. The store owners can post the images and information of the new arrivals
  • Help your customers in making the purchase decision. If the visitors get intrigued by the product image, he will be redirected to the store at a click. Thus, it is an effortless way to boost the website traffic as well as sales.

Merchant benefits

  • The Shopify app helps in creating a surefire social media marketing campaign. Increase the visibility of the products on Facebook. It helps the e-merchants to stay in close touch with their customers 24/7
  • It exempts the store admin from manual posting by automating the entire thing. Thus, the Facebook community of your store can be kept informed at least time.
  • It is the best and cost-effective way to exploit the power of Facebook. The merchants can now make their presence felt even on Facebook.
  • FB Wallpost app can keep your prospective customers in line with the activities of your store. There is no need to annoy them with emails
  • The app ensure higher Facebook engagement. Thus, it boosts the chances of conversions and takes your business to the next level

Customer benefits

  • The Facebook posts can keep the interested customers informed about the activities of the store
  • The customers are redirected to the product page of the site from the Facebook page. Thus, it makes shopping easier for the online shoppers
  • It allows the shoppers to do window shopping on Facebook Facebook. Thus, it facilitates them in taking their purchase decision