What you get with Elfsight Facebook Feed app:

Supports Facebook pages and profiles

Elfsight Facebook Feed app allows you to show content from Facebook page or profile. If you run a business page on Facebook you can easily integrate it into your website. All the content that you add to your social media page will be automatically updated on your website. Also you can use your Facebook profile as a source of business-related content.

Display your posts in maximum detail

Accompany your Facebook content with counts of likes, and shares to demonstrate you are popular on social media and attract more activity. You are also free to enable your website visitors to share the content right from the feed, by showing Share button. All these options, as well as author name, can be easily switched off if you need.

Show videos with full information

You won’t miss a thing from Facebook, displaying your videos on the website. Switch on description option, and your visitors will be able to read it, as well as see comments on click. You can also show likes and shares counts or hide it all for a minimalistic look.

Structure your photos

You can show all photos together with albums or switch your albums off. All your pictures can be viewed in popup with author, date, comments anв counts of likes and shares. Right from the popup, your visitors can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Modify the header for your unique use case

Our Shopify Facebook app offers diverse customization of the header for any use case. Display or hide cover picture and page picture, as well as add call-to-action buttons and likes count to boast your high social popularity. Or switch the header off, to make a photo or video gallery or a news feed.

And many more:

  • Show or hide menu
  • Variable Facebook posts limit
  • Customizable pop-ups with switchable elements: author, likes count, shares count, comments
  • 12 popular languages supported
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Regular live updates to keep it fresh
  • Handy and intuitive editor without coding required
  • Premium support by professionals
  • Free installation service


Can I try the Facebook Feed and delete it without paying anything?

You can install our app and use it for free during trial period of 7 days. If you delete it within this period, you won’t be charged anything. Also you can explore all the features without installing the app with live demo on our website.

Can I get help with installation of the Facebook app?

We provide free installation service. Address us if you need help with setting up or adjusting the app.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You will only need to remove the Facebook Feed app from your website and the subscription will be cancelled automatically.