Dynamic Product Ads on FB & IG!

This simple, user-friendly app was designed for flexible remarketing and recovery of abandoned carts that works best for stores with at least 100 visits/day. Your site visitors get ads of the exact products they were viewing and the cart abandoners can see the products they left behind. AdMonks automatically creates eye-catching looping slideshow video ads using your product pictures.

With AdMonks Autopilot your Return on Ad Spend is steady, reaching up to 12x and more! Stop digging into overwhelming FB features. Run successful dynamic campaigns with just a few clicks! Create multiple flexible campaigns on Autopilot and stop burning money on failed targeting. Save money and avoid ad fatigue with AdMonks’ Frequency Management and other Exclusive features.

Boost your cash flow now with AdMonks!

How it works:

  1. After you connect your Shopify account to AdMonks, it automatically transfers products to Facebook and updates the product catalog on a daily basis.

  2. With just a few clicks you set up the time frame of your FB campaign, set your ad frequency and exclude bouncing/accidental visitors.

  3. AdMonks automatically creates remarketing audiences, selects relevant products to display in dynamic ads and targets the right customers.

  4. Our one-click automation lets you create Dynamic Slideshow Product Ads and run them on autopilot. AdMonks are making Facebook Ads easy again!

Exclusive AdMonks Features let you:

*Create engaging slideshow ads with your product pictures.

*Automatically exclude bouncing visitors and save money on remarketing.
Due to high bounce rate, you must exclude accidental visitors right away!

*Keep the ad frequency level just right and avoid ad fatigue or banner blindness.

*Update your stock every day and stop worrying that you’re advertising products you’ve just run out of.

*Get a Product Catalog to tag items in your FB & IG posts, leading directly to conversions.

*Keep an eye on your ROAS – AdMonks sends you Messenger notification when it’s below expected.


Is AdMonks app FREE?
We offer a 14-days free trial. After that we charge a monthly fee, it depends only on EXTRA REVENUE generated by the app.

Who charges me for the ad spend?
Facebook charges you directly according to your payment method choice.

My dynamic campaign hasn’t started yet.
Your ad starts as soon as your audience > 20 visitors to your AdMonks product catalog in the set time frame. So if you target people who left your site 30-40 days ago, there must be > 20 site visitors within this time frame (10 days) for the ad to start running.

What should I start with?
Try to start with Day 1 to Day 7. If you’re a newbie, a bigger time frame, e.g. Day 1 to Day 30, should work.

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