Facebook Ad Guru is a smart advertising app that demystifies and vastly simplifies advertising for Facebook and Instagram. Just select the products to advertise, and the app does the rest.

While other apps focus on retargeting alone, Facebook Ad Guru covers the entire marketing journey of a customer.

The Problem

Getting Facebook advertising right is not easy. Facebook advertising is:
1. Subjective: Ad campaign planning and design is prone to personal bias of the creator
2. Complex: Ad campaign creation & management is complex requiring an experienced and seasoned professional
3. Time consuming: Ad campaign setup and optimization is time consuming requiring multiple tweaks

The Solution: Facebook Ad Guru

Ad Guru is the smart advertising app that provides:
* Ease of use: Create & manage campaigns at scale with almost no training and technical knowledge
* Data-driven recommendations: Use customized recommendations for creating campaigns based on proprietary machine learning algorithms
* Built-in optimization: Optimize bids, placements and schedule automatically with our smart analytics engine
* Performance monitoring: Triggers response from user through recommendations and performance alerts

Ad Guru’s calling card is simplicity. Designing and launching the campaign are all easy, commonsense steps that demystify Facebook advertising.

Store owners and marketers spend thousands of hours optimizing Facebook advertising through trial and error. Ad Guru takes away that complexity and creates a simple, powerful, and smart workflow that saves you all wasted time and effort.

Based on your products, customers and sales trends, it figures out the target audience, the advertising schedule, and the budget. Just pick the products you want to advertise and add the copy that goes with them.

Key Features

  • Retargeting & Product Promotion Ads: Retarget or use deep customer insights (gender, age, income, education, interests, etc.) to reach audience
  • Automated Product Sync with Store: Choose from your products directly from the app and create ads with ease
  • Audience suggestion: Choose from one of our smart audience profiles or use your lookalike audiences on Facebook directly from the app
  • Custom Campaign Recommendations: Smart recommendation engine to suggest campaigns you can run which couple of clicks
  • Simple Performance Dashboard: Easy-to-use performance dashboards lets you monitor your campaigns from a single space
  • Optimized bidding and scheduling: Deliver your ads at right time at right cost with our automatic bidding and ad scheduling engine

New features are added frequently to keep up and go beyond the industry developments

We let you focus on what you love: building a great online store for your customers!