Why to install it and how it works?

Email Popup by fewtaps will help you to collect emails from your visitors just before they leave the store. Turn every visitor into a potential customer, don’t spend your marketing budget for nothing!

Convert even more of your visitors into subscribers and customers by offering them some discount in exchange for subscription!

How does this application work with Shopify?

Email Popup by fewtaps is an embedded Shopify application. This means you don’t have to leave your shop administration panel to use it.

You also don’t have to create a separate account for this application, it will just always be there under the “Apps” tab in your shop administration interface, ready and waiting.

Installation couldn’t be any easier and takes just a few minutes.

How will it change the look of my store?

TL;DR: It will not.

This application uses completely non-invasive approach. It doesn’t affect your store theme or behavior, until the moment your customer is about to leave the store. Then it displays a form asking for an email. You define what it says and how it looks like.

This form is mobile-first, meaning it is designed specifically for phones and tablets, but it looks stunningly good on every device, including desktops.

Do I get a support?

If you have any questions, problems or feature requests, our support is there to give you a hand, even if you’re using free plan.