Automatically follows up with customized offers to:

  • Infrequent Shoppers: Getting shoppers who haven’t bought recently to buy

  • First-Time Shoppers: Converting first-time shoppers into loyal customers

  • Loyal Customers: Encouraging frequent customers to buy more

  • Inactive Accounts: Converting potential customers into shoppers

What does Email Offers do?

Email Offers allows you to followup with select customers with discounts and offers.

Simple set up makes this the easiest way to get customers back to your store. Once you set it up you can let it run and watch the sales roll in.

For the first time ever Email Offers allows you to:

  • Keep customers coming back!
  • Automatically follows up with customized offers to drive repeat business.
  • 1-Minute install. Specially designed for non techie – Setup and forget!

Email Offers unlocks the hidden profit behind your customer base who you are not email marketing to.

Most stores make enough in their free trial to pay for the app for a year.

How do I know how much money Email Offers is making me?

Our stats panel allows you to see how much sales email campaigns are driving.

Can I Customize Email Offers?

We provide already existing email offers that can be fully customized.

Where Does The Emails Come From?

You customize where you want Email Offers to come from.

Can I Customize Rulesets Behind Campaigns?

Yes, we provide super simple rules that are relevant to each type of Email Offer.

Can I Test Emails Before They Go Out?

Yes, we allow you to test all email offers. We also allow you to BCC yourself on all emails so you can monitor outgoing email offers.

How Does Email Offers 1-Minute Set-Up Work?

  • Step 1: Get the app from the App Store
  • Step 2: Customize Email Campaign Template and Rulesets
  • How does email offers work with my existing Email Solution?

Email Offers is meant to work complementary to existing email services like Mailchimp.

It is an automatic campaign email system and not a newsletter service.