Create 4 Most Common Types Of Popups

  • Lead Flow

Popup showing value proposition with brief submission form for customers to fill in with information.

  • Coupon Popup

Popup offering your coupon code for customers to apply to get discounted. Coupons can be imported automatically from your store and are copyable for customers to get it straight away.

  • Call-To-Action Popup

Popup with a call-to-action button to lead customers to specific sites. Popups are displayed in the middle of customers’ screen flow.

  • Call-To-Action Floating

Popup with call-to-action buttons to be displayed at the bottom of customers screen flow.
All pop-ups are custom-designed. Display time and triggers can be adjusted.

Smart Popup A/B testing

Display 2 or more popups IN TURN on the same page to test which one delivers the best result.

Doing A/B test on popups helps you find the best design and content for your popup, the best timing or discount amount for your promotion programs, etc.

Rapid Integration With Marketing Automation Platforms

Smart Popup supports integration with email automation tools like Hubspot, Sendy, Mailchimp. Customer email contacts collected from your popup can be imported to your email marketing system easily within a few setups.

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