Don’t know what to do with these data reports? Let’s Ecomfit transform customers’ data into smart suggestions for you!

Ecomfit automatically tracking customers’ behaviors, events and users’ actions on your website. Turn them into insights, suggestions or even warnings. Which helps you save time, money and efforts so you can run your business with ease.

Ecomfit made data simple and powerful

As a beginner in eCommerce, your top priority should be to achieve Product/Market Fit. Which is an indication that you are providing real value to your current customers.

In order to reach that goal (known as Validation Phase), Ecomfit focus on the right data such as pages per visit, bounce rate, time on site, returning visitors… Then analyze them and giving suggestions for you to scale your campaign without being an analysis yourself.

With many more awesome features!

  • Tracking customers’ behaviors, events, and users’ actions.
  • Deep reasoning on data analysis.
  • Understanding your marketing campaign with Sales and Product Reports.
  • Suggested & recommended on how to increase revenue.
  • Receive warnings on errors affecting revenue.
  • All-in-one important Metrics for online stores.
  • Real-Time Conversion Reporting.