What is Eber?

Eber is a smart member system for Shopify stores. You can easily reward, engage and understand your shoppers with Eber. It comes with comprehensive loyalty & rewards system, marketing and analytic tool. You can put your member program on autopilot.

How Eber works?


Once installed, Eber will add a member widget to your store. With the widget, members can check their member points, view a list of rewards and redeem them.


Eber will capture purchases automatically. Points are automatically awarded to customers. There is no need to manually create member account or issue points.


You can automate reward redemption by importing a list of one-time use discount code. Eber will help to distribute them when a member redeems a reward. We will also keep track of the code usage. You will know exactly who redeem and use a particular discount code.


You can prepare a welcome message and birthday message to be sent automatically. There is a built-in marketing tool where you can send a one-time Email or SMS campaign.

How will this change the look of my store?

Visually, there will be a member widget icon added to your Shopify site. There is no other change.

You can go to Eber website and search for “Customers” Tab and check out all our current featured customers there such as Gianni’s Group , Naiise and SGBarkery .

How do I get started?

  1. Install Eber

  2. You will be asked to complete our signup form

  3. Once you are in Eber admin, you can do necessary adjustment to your member program setup. You can also talk to an Eber Member Expert to who can help with your setup.
    Schedule a one-on-one discussion on Eber website and click on the “Get a Demo ”

  4. Once setup is ready, your member program is ready to start.