Droparoo Flash Sale is an easy way to create a dedicated sale page and rotate products for sale every 60 minutes or less. By adding products to a queue, and setting the price you want to sell at, you can queue up as many sales as you want!

When the product goes live, the deal is set. When time is up, the price is reverted to the original price and the next product is up for sale. We’ve also made it super easy to decide when you want to run your deals.

Droparoo Flash Sale is developed by the companies Droparoo and Brand New Ship, LLC. We are seasoned shopify developers with experience working with shops of all sizes and developing apps to benefit shop owners.

Here are some more extras that our app or we can do!
– We support foreign currencies
– We have a count down clock to create urgency in your customers!
– We include social sharing functionality
– Our team is ready to make sure the installation goes without a hitch! (We may take up to 24-48 hours to respond).

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