Combine multiple discount codes to one code!

Let your customers use their multiple discount code on one order.


App now work on discount code field on your checkout page!

Cover the most popular problem on Shopify Discount codes:

Using Free shipping code with price discount code on one order!

Why should you use this app?

  • Your store give to customer multiple discount codes and you want them able to use all the codes on one order.

  • Help your customers not waste their discount codes because they only can use one per order with default Shopify discount system.

Easy to use

  • A little code embed.

***Note: Our app combine multiple discount codes to one discount code so it require some conditions to work:

  • App will not work with Free shipping code have condition of Countries restrict, Shipping rates restrict.
  • All the codes in a combination should be no limit usage or one time limit usage.
  • App only able to combine buy X get Y code in case there is only one buy X get Y code and one free shipping code.

Test store:

  1. Add any product to cart and go to checkout
  2. Use any of these example codes to test:
    Free shipping code: FREE SHIPPING, 5% off code: 5PERCENTOFF, 10 dollar off code: 10DOLLARSOFF

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