Bulk Discount offers you to set up a dynamic discount and shipping based on customer tag and also for non-login customers.

Whether you are trying to offer special pricing to wholesalers or bulk purchasers bulk discount will do that for you. You don’t have to make any changes to your products or store.

Bulk Discount

  • This app will allow you to create a different discount for products based on the quantity.
  • You can set tags so only it will be available to limited customers.
    In simple words
    Buy 5-9, get 5% off
    Buy 10+, get 10% off
    and so on…
  • You can change front-end bulk discount table style and it’s a header as per your requirement.

Group Base And Product Base discount

  • You can set group base discount.
  • For example, if you create bulk discount 10 qty = 10% discount and you have added product A and B to the group. now in cart page, if A + B quantity more than or equal to 10 than 10% discount will be applied to both product.
  • You can also set individual product discount.

Create discount for all customers

  • You can create discount based on customer tags.
  • You can also create a discount for non-login customers.

Advance Shipping

  • You can also set advance shipping for the bulk discount either set flat rate or a percentage.
  • You can also set shipping condition that if cart total is greater than some amount then only shipping will apply.
  • You can set this condition base on cart total or cart weight.

Set Custom Messages

  • You can automatically display a message belove the if you buy more x quantity you will get Y% off. you can change this message as per your requirement.
  • You can also display a message that how much they’re saving.
  • You can also set message for shipping like if you buy more you will get X% off on shipping,


  • you can choose the storefront table columns as per your requirement, for example, buy X price Y, buy X get Y discount etc.
  • You can also set table headers as per your requirement.

7 Day free full Trial

  • We offer a full-access trial for 7 days.