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Why You Need Our Discount Promo Bar

  • Customers are more likely to make a purchase when an offer or promotion is involved.
  • Customers might spend more when an offer or discount is involved.

How Our Discount Promo Bar Works

  1. Customers come to your online store and see your discount offer.
  2. Customers add items in cart and the message refreshes showing how much more they need to add to get the discount.
  3. Customers see the success message when the discount requirement is met.
  4. The discount will be automatically applied when customers check out.

Messages, Style Fully Customizable and Responsive

Our Discount Promo Bar is fully customizable to fit your store style and ready for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Customize your initial message, progress message, success message, and decide whether to show all of them or some of them
  • Customize the goal value, currency, and currency symbol
  • Customize the font style, background, background image, and more
  • Customize the bar position and outbound link if any.

Two Different Discount Requirements

  • Customer’s cart value needs to meet a minimum purchase amount.
  • Customer needs to purchase a minimum quantity of items.

Advanced Targeting Options

  • GEO Targeting – Include or exclude selected countries from impression
  • Page Targeting – Include or exclude certain pages from impression
  • Device Targeting – Choose which device you want to display the bar on
  • Visitor Targeting – Decide whether to show the bar to new, returning, or all visitors

Schedule, Duration and Delay

  • Schedule – Define whether you want to show the bar on workdays, weekends or days you specified
  • Duration – Set how long the bar is to last before it disappears
  • Delay – You customers will need to wait for a period of time before it shows

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