Want to provide your customers automatic discounts when they come to your site on a certain URL?

We’ve got you covered. Our app includes a discount creator and URL builder for you to conveniently create discounts for customers.

When a customer comes to your site through a Discount Pop URL that you created, they will be greeted with a beautiful pop-up that notifies them of the discount they will be receiving. Once they have closed the pop-up, a bar will appear at the top of their site reminding them that their discount will be applied to their order when they checkout.

The app can also be used as a means of creating scarcity for your customers. In the app settings, you can add a countdown timer to the top bar that lets the customer know that they must checkout soon in order to be receiving their discount.

This app can be a huge conversion booster. Some of our favorite ways to use this app are:


Have people that viewed your product or added to cart but didn’t finish checking out? Send them a retargeting with a discount.

Email Marketing

Send your loyal customers emails with links to get them special discounts. Or send links to your entire list with holiday discounts.

Social Media Marketing

Offer discounts for users who visit your website by clicking on a link in your social media post.