The app trusted by 5,000+ merchants as #1 Shopify Discount App

What problems does the app solve?

Manual price changes during sales take a lot of time. Moreover, you have to change prices twice: before and after the sale.

How do you additionally highlight products on sale? Using default sales badges you can’t easily customize it as you wish.

What does Bulk Discount Manager app offer?

Using the app you can apply a discount to any product, collection or the whole store in a minute. On the start date all the prices will change to discounted prices, and once the sale is over, the app automatically changes the products back to their original prices. The best Product Discount app to set automatic discounts for your store!

Optionally, you can use one of 30 sales badges or upload your own to highlight products on sale.

Why Shopify merchants choose our product discount app?

✔️ Flexible and powerful bulk discounts and sales scheduler app

  • Apply a discount for a collection (including a smart collection), specific products or to the whole store
  • Apply a discount as a percentage or an amount
  • Set up smart discounted price rounding
  • Archive a rule that you don’t need and restore it anytime
  • Auto-tag discounted products in a rule

✔️ Discount rule prioritization

No worries about launching different discount rules for the same product. Set prioritization of rules and be sure that your discount applies correctly – for example, if one discount rule was applied to a product and another to a collection with the same product, the discount rule with the highest priority will be applied to the product.

✔️ Chain of discount rules

Now you can schedule a chain of discounts for a product – for example, 50% discount for the 1st week, 30% discount for the 2nd week, and 10% discount for the 3rd week.

✔️ Weekly and monthly repeat discounts

Easy to schedule discounts based on the day of the week or day of the month. Now you can launch a “Friday sale” in one click for every Friday of the month.

✔️ Edit discount rules in bulk

Manage discount rules in bulk: enable, disable, schedule, duplicate or archive rules in one click.

✔️ Quickly view what the rules were applied to

No need to open every rule to find a product that you need. Overview from the dashboard of what products or collections the rule was applied to.

✔️ Drag-n-drop sale badges editor

No more coding to set up sale badges! Easy drag-n-drop editor with 30 sale badges allows you to select any place for the sale badge on a product image

✔️ 100% mobile-friendly discount app

Easily manage your sales from your smartphone or tablet

✔️ 24/7 live chat support

We are the only developer who provides 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of 42 sec.

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