Discount Code Analytics

Track the performance of your discount codes no matter which Shopify plan you are on! Know which discount codes works for you and which doesn’t. You could even track which of your customers has been redeeming the discount codes.

Features Overview

Quick and easy installation

No coding required. Just click install, our app will sync your orders and add some fairy dusts to it. You will have a concise report of your discount codes being used in no time!

Top Performers

See which discount codes are most popular by order spend. Discount codes that are top performing will have the highest number of total redeemed and order generated as compared to the rest of the discount codes.

Forecast and plan your sales

Know what discount code works and what doesn’t. Plan smarter the next time you create a new discount code to drive sales.

Filter and View Reports

Use the calendar to select a specific date range or use our pre-built filter options to filter and view reports.

Export Reports by Discount Codes

Use the export feature to download an offline copy of your report data. Report data will be exported to a .csv file format.

Upon installation, Discount sends its bots to collate your orders and sort it automatically.