Powerful real discount application for Shopify!

Product discount promotion is one of the most popular methods to boost your sales. It can be beneficial for small and big brands. Sales promotions can provide immediate hikes in sales in a short time. But how does a brand create a successful discount campaign in a Shopify store? Discount Campaign app is the answer.

2 Big reasons to choose Discount Campaign:

  1. You can save a lot of time when setting up a campaign by the intuitive admin panel. No coding required and you can start the campaign in a few minutes.
  2. You can increase your revenue and make more money quickly. With the customizable Discount Campaign app, your discount promotion campaign will become attractive.

How can Discount Campaign help you increase your sales?

  1. Discount Campaign can affect a customer’s decision with a countdown timer

Discount Campaign app not only allows you to create a discount campaign, this app also gives you a great tool for capturing visitor attention: a countdown timer.
A countdown timer can be used as an effective call to action and highly recommended for flash sales. When visitors understand that they only have a few hours to get the discount before it’s gone, you can avoid them delaying the sale. Besides, limited available offers can create a sense of scarcity in your customers that get them to act.

  1. Discount Campaign app can create a sale for a single product or a whole product collection.

You can quickly display the countdown timer in a retail product or in the collection page with simple short codes, so you can generate revenue.

  1. Discount Campaign app can create enhanced visuals for your discount promotion

You have the option to show the featured sale event and customize the countdown clock. This app can pin your discount campaign at a chosen position on every page. It can bring higher impressions from your website visitors.

  1. Discount Campaign app fully supports mobile responsive design

It means your countdown and your sale will look perfect on any computer, laptop or mobile device. Your customer can have the best experience on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

About Omega:

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