Droparoo Daily Deals is the easiest way to run a daily deal on your Shopify store. Use your existing products and add them to a hidden collection. Organize the order you want the products to be merchandised and set the price you want to sell them.

That’s it! Every single day, Droparoo Daily Deals will rotate a product out of the daily deal and replace it with another.

Droparoo and Brand New Ship, LLC are the companies behind this app. We are a Shopify development firm with experience working with shops of all sizes (we work with shops with millions inrevenue per month!).

Here are some more details about what our app can do!


You can choose which days of the week you want to run Daily Deals.
Our app will automatically put products up for sale only on the days you want.

Automatic Deal Display:

Queue up a list of products you want to put on sale, if it sells out, we’ll make sure to skip to the next product. We make sure you’re deal page is never empty!


  • We support foreign currencies
  • We have a count down clock to create urgency in your customers!
  • We include social sharing functionality
  • Our team is ready to make sure the installation goes without a hitch! (We may take up to 24-48 hours to respond).

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