Analyze your eBay and Shopify business

Get rich all-in-one sales reporting for unlimited eBay or Shopify stores. Using Curl you can see which products are performing well on eBay and understand if you should bring your Shopify inventory to eBay. Know which products are suited best for eBay or Shopify by comparing their performance across channels. Review past performance and export your performance data easily.

Access detailed reporting by these data points:

  • Brand, make, modal
  • Product details like color, size, year, fit, style, or make
  • Currency, buyer country
  • SKU, eBay Product ID, UPC, ISBN, EAN, GTIN
  • Channel: eBay, Shopify, PayPal

Timing is key to success

  • Know what time of year your business performs best
  • Understand what time of day is your peak for purchases

Keep your reporting together

  • Connect as many Shopify or eBay accounts together as needed
  • See your data together or filter it into separate reports
  • Manage separate brands which keeping your reporting unified

Review your transactions together

  • Search or browse your transactions across eBay or Shopify
  • See similar purchasing behavior between channels

See product performance

  • Analyze your data by SKU or product ids across channels
  • Compare best performers and worse performers

Keep in touch with your customers

  • Setup email remarketing campaigns that work for eBay & Shopify
  • Choose a style of email template that matches your companies style
  • Include your Logo and store name both on eBay and Shopify

Receive real-time notifications

  • Add slack to Shopify or eBay
  • Receive notifications in slack when eBay items receive feedback
  • Know when eBay or Shopify items are purchased
  • Control your notification settings