Marketing Audit App for Your Store:

Find out the marketing score of your online store. Analyze Traffic and Increase Sales. Reporting and Analytics which helps you make the right decisions for your products.

This marketing audit will give you details about the whole store and also give you details for each individual product.

The reporting and analytics features you find here go way beyond traditional analytics software: it gives insights about social media sharing, engagement metrics, SEO optimization scores, backlinks and authority on the web.

Your Personal Marketing Assistant – ContentLook

Increasing sales is easy once you start seeing how your product pages perform on the Internet.

If you get a lot of traffic from Search Engines to a particular product, ContentLook will show you that you should better optimize it, so that you’ll increase impressions via Google search. That will lead to more people seeing your products in search feeds.

If you spend money on Quora Ads, Facebook Ads and Reddit Ads, ContentLook will help you see which channel brings the best customers to your store. By using these reporting features, you’ll know which marketing channel you need to double down on.

You’ll know at-a-glance which products tend to perform best on Pinterest for your store.

The Marketing Audit will also tell you which pages affect your social media strategy and SEO strategy in negative ways.

How to find marketing problems that might impact your Store’s performance on Google

You could spend thousands of dollars on Marketing Consultants, SEO analysts and Google Analytics experts or you could use ContentLook for a fraction of the cost.


  • Full Marketing Audit of your Store (SEO, Traffic, Social, Blog, Link, Authority)
  • Find marketing problems you weren’t aware of
  • Guidance in solving your problems
  • Insights and alerts based on personalized data about your site
  • An easy way to manage campaigns within a team
  • Giving you a complete overview of each page in your Shopify store.

Alerts: 24/7 Monitoring and Reporting

You can setup custom alerts in this marketing app. These will make the ContentLook software constantly check your store’s performance and tell you when something goes wrong.

Some problems could cost you many hundreds of dollars in sales. ContentLook can easily help you avoid such situations.

The 14 trial is a great chance to put it to the test for free. You’ll get access to all the app’s features before you decide to purchase.

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