Messenger Marketing & Abandon Cart Toolbox

Consistent Cart bundles up to 10 different apps together, with features such as:

  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • Add to Cart Popups
  • Push Notification Marketing
  • Cart Syncing across devices
  • Activity Monitor
  • Happy Birthday Emails
  • Customer Thank You Emails
  • Abandon Cart Campaigns
  • Real Time Sale Pops
  • Advanced Title Bar

Market for 2018 with Messenger Marketing

While e-mail marketing is tried and true, it should not and can not be the only marketing tool in your arsenal.

Here’s the reality: A majority of your customers may be on Facebook, and you’re missing out on tons of potential sales if you’re not engaging them on there!

With Consistent Cart’s easy-as-pie messenger marketing, we’ve built an incredible new way to engage and delight your customers on Facebook. Getting set up takes a minute with our pre-configured templates!

And now, Push Notifications!

Facebook isn’t the only new marketing channel that we can’t get enough of!

Consistent Cart’s Push Notifications can get significantly higher open rates than emails. Consistent Cart has 3 abandon cart push notification campaigns built in, and more on the way!

Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails

Amongst all of the excitement around new technology, its easy to forget about e-mail marketing, a tried and true marketing channel since the early days of the internet.

Fret not, Consistent Cart’s beautifully crafted cart recovery emails, new account creation emails, and happy birthday emails take less than a few minutes to set up, automatically running in the background and bringing you more sales.

Smart Auto Stop

Other cart abandonment solutions can annoy shoppers by sending emails even after they’ve made a purchase. Our Smart Auto Stop feature prevents this by double-verification of customer’s orders before each and every E-mail, Facebook Message, or Push Notification is sent.

Add-To-Cart Popup

The add to cart popup asks users for their email address as soon as they add an item to their cart.

The popup has incredible conversion rates – and will result in significantly more emails captured.

Collecting emails allows you to retarget them at a later time, either on your own, or using our email sequencer.

And More!

  • Activity Monitor:

Captures and displays every single cart on your store.

  • Persistent Shopping Cart

Saves logged-in customer carts and syncs them across devices.

  • Advanced Title Bar

Keep distracted shoppers coming back with a flashing title bar.

  • Shop Pops

Real-time notifications of recent sales resulting in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).