Chatvisor is the versatile, all-in-one platform for Messenger success.

Chatvisor allows you to efficiently use FB Messenger for Marketing and Community Management.

Easy to integrate.

You’re only three clicks away from integrating Chatvisor. All you need is a Business Facebook Page you’re admin of.

Messenger Newsletter

  • Benefit from opening rates beyond 90 %

Keep your customers updated with your latest news, upcoming events and valuable content. Chatvisor covers the whole picture from getting people effectively to your Messenger channel, allowing them to opt-in and managing the content you’d like to be delivered.

Growth Tools

Our so called “Growth Tools” help you to bring people to your Messenger channel and turn them into subscribers. There are several tools for different channels: you can generate subscribers from your website, from your Facebook Page (Post Comments), Facebook Ads and even offline.

Article Management

We synchronize your Shopify shop with Chatvisor, so you can broadcast your products directly in Messenger as “cards” (widgets). (contact us for this feature)


The broadcasting feature allows you to put together your Messenger Newsletter. Whether your sending content like images, videos, etc. or your synchronized products – we’re good to go.

Measure your success

You can only improve what you can measure. Integrated analysis tools give you the right insights to understand how your communication on Facebook increases your conversions and affects your performance.

Community Management

  • Support Automation through Messenger

Build strong customer relationships. Automate customer support requests from your Facebook Page and solve them in Messenger. Due to sentiment analysis algorithms Chatvisor recognizes requests, reclamations, etc. and informs the relevant support authority to take care of it.

Support with Chatbot

With our chatbot builder (flows) you put together customer journeys in Messenger. Whether you’re looking to automate FAQs/routine questions or create individual customer experiences – we got you covered.

Facebook Customer Chat integration

Easily integrate Facebook’s new Customer Chat for your website with Chatvisor. Messenger is one of the most popular communication channels worldwide, so why not using it as a support channel as well?

LiveChat/LiveView feature

The built-in LiveChat extends Facebook Messenger with additional options like sending your products when supporting a customer, offering the user to subscribe to your news. By using our Facebook Customer Chat integration, we can also provide you with our LiveView feature. The LiveView makes the customers view of your website visible to you, so you can support him even better (only if user opts in).

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