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☛ CedCommerce Shopping Feed brings you the chance to sell your products on platforms where customers prefer to buy from!

CedCommerce Shopping Feed has been introduced into the market with a point of view to help the Shopify sellers gain a global customer base and recognition.
The app helps to generate quick feeds for your Shopify products and get the feeds acknowledged by top shopping engines such as Google, Bing, and Facebook so that the products can become a part of their apps and get the deserved limelight worldwide.

☛ Expand your Customer Base like never before-

  • CedCommerce Shopping Feed comes with a compilation of numerous features so that the seller has an increased grip over the digitized e-commerce arena.
  • The app helps to create a fully updated shopping feed so that you attain an increased conversion rate.

☛ The app comes with the following handy features-

1. Easy Set-up:

Getting started with the app is very simple and involves filling in the basic details, choosing a pricing plan and connecting to your Google account.

2. Product Profile Creation:

CedCommerce Shopping Feed helps you to segment the products on the basis of product type, price, SKU, etc. This helps you to easily select the products to be uploaded for feed creation.

3. Informative Dashboard:

The app’s dashboard displays the statistics of the products imported and the products uploaded to help the sellers keep a proper record of their product feed.

4. Seamless Feed Update:

Create and update quick feeds of your Shopify products and sync it with Google, Bing, and Facebook.

5. Centralized Data Management:

Manage the product feed for various shopping engines from a single panel to save time and effort.

☛ Additional Features-

Affordable Pricing- CedCommerce Shopping feed is available at $15/month to ensure that you create optimized feeds for Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Custom Labels- The app comes with a feature to fill in the meta details so that your product feed becomes SEO friendly and you grab a better spot in shopping search results.

☛ Upcoming Upgrades:

  • Nextag,

  • Shopzilla, and other giant shopping engines as well.

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