Boost Sales and Customer engagement for your Store

The unique and powerful way to increase sales and customer engagement. With this app, you can give a reason to your customer to come back and make the order. More cashback leads to more orders and more customer engagement.

You can assign cashback to products which are on sale. The cashback will boost sales for other products too.


1. Product Label

Few of the Cashback product’s label examples.

• + 10% Cashback

• + $25 Cashback

• 20% Cashback Hot Deal

• 30% Cashback Sale

2. Collection Label

The app allows you to set Cashback label for the whole collection. You can set the product label with a percentage amount or a fixed amount.

3. Cashback Label Customization

You can customize products or collection label with below properties.

• Text color

• Background color

• Label position -Top Left, Bottom Left

4. Email Notification

Customers will get clean designed thank you note.

5. Customer Wallet

Each customer will have wallet section which will consist of all order transactions. Wallet area will have Cashback usage transactions as well as received Cashback transactions.

6. Store Statistics

As a Store owner, you can see the Order listing with cashback calculations. You can check weekly, monthly and all-time statistics. You can also search by specific date range filters.


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