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It is very well known that the ecommerce websites suffer huge revenue losses due to the carts abandoned by the visitors. Visitors come to your ecommerce site, add products to shopping cart but they do not purchase for some reason. CARTS (Cart Abandon Recovery & Tracking System) is a tool developed for Shopify which helps sellers to view all lost carts, send emails to the customers with a purchase link and recover revenue.


  • Instant Cart Abandoned Tracking:
    CARTS application instantly tracks abandoned carts and customer information and provides an interface to view the abandoned cart data. It also has the feature to compare cart abandon data for the selected dates/duration.

  • Manage Your Website Customers:
    CARTS application fetches all customers from your Shopify store including those who have abandoned the cart. Customer list can be exported and further used for marketing purposes and to integrate with third party services.

  • Unlimited Abandon Promotional Campaigns with customizable email templates:
    With an easy to use interface, the email templates can be quickly created. CARTS offers pre-built list of templates that can be easily modified as needed through the built in WYSIWYG editor.

  • Fully Customizable and Responsive Email Templates:
    Email templates have responsive design with HTML grid pattern. These are fully functional with multiple layouts.

  • Send and Schedule Email Campaigns:
    The email campaigns can be scheduled to automatically send emails to the selected customers at a selected time.

  • Monitor Campaign Tracking:
    Track the performance of abandoned cart email campaigns, and modify them to improve the revenue recovery rate. The tracking report includes details of the count of Emails Sent, Opened Rate, Clicked-through Rate and the Recovered Revenue for each campaign.

  • Rule Based Discount Management System:
    This unique feature helps in creating different types of discounts for various ranges of abandoned cart sub-total amount. The discount codes are dynamically created for each customer, and these can be added to email campaigns and will apply as per the defined rules.

  • Dynamically add Featured and Best Selling Products in Email Templates:
    Add Featured Products and Best Selling Products on the email templates to increase Cross-Selling sales.

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