Why is it an app worth adding?

TL;DR – Because it will boost your bottom line. Bring in the big bucks. Perk up your profits. Deliver more dosh.

However you phrase it, it’s a proven fact that bundling products (giving people a discount when they buy a combination of your products all at the same time) entices customers to spend more money per visit. And our app is the simplest and speediest bundle-builder on the block.

It helps you create dynamic product bundles that are not only fantastically flexible and easily shareable but also look great and slot seamlessly into your store – and all with an easy one-step install that saves time and avoids coding chaos.

What awesome stuff will it let me do?

Give your customer choices.
The app lets you make all different kinds of bundles. You can group a pre-set selection of your products and apply a discount. You can let people create their own bundle by building a product, like picking the elements for a customised suit or choosing what charms to add to a bracelet. Or they could mix and match products in a category – or across different categories – to make up a 3-for-2 or BOGOF type offer.

Make your own rules. You can offer both fixed-price and percentage discounts, giving you multiple ways to tempt your customers. You’ve got total flexibility when it comes to deciding which products are eligible for a particular bundle. And you can keep control over your shoppers’ choices by setting minimum and maximum spending limits.

Push people directly to a bundle. The app doesn’t just add bundling capabilities to an existing page or product – it gives each bundle a unique page and turns it into a product in its own right. So it’s easy to promote and share your epic new offers through email or social media.

Keep your admin on track. Everything happens in real time, which means that all your product images, variants, and stock are updated live – as soon as a purchase is signed and sealed each product in the bundle is removed from your store’s inventory (or put back in if an order gets cancelled). There’s also the option to create a unique SKU for the bundle as a whole. Plus it’s easy to transfer the details of a customer’s bundle via the Shopify admin API, if you’re using any third-party apps or systems to fulfil your orders.

Go global. Thanks to handy text input fields in the Settings area, you can translate the app into any language. Ay, caramba!

How does it work?

Kind of like ABC. Easy as 123. Simple as do re mi. There’s no need for coding, you just add the app and it installs in one click. Then there’s nothing but three easy steps between you and sensational selling success – 1) Set up the bundle. 2) Choose the eligible products. 3) Apply your discounts and limits. Off you go!

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