What Is Brainity

Brainity is a Shopify app with Artificial Intelligence trained by humans experts that automatically creates and manages your Facebook Dynamic Ads (also called Retargeting Ads).

You only have to take the strategic decisions about your products and logistics, write the perfect ad with the help of our templates and approve the suggested budget, and we’ll take care on the execution and optimization because Brainity proactively suggests new ways to improve your ads that you only have to approve.

Just focus your efforts on making an awesome brand and getting the right people to your store, while Brainity efficiently takes care of the rest from start to finish.

If you have any doubt or question, just contact our support team.

What Is Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads is the most cost-effective way to advertise your brand on Facebook. It allows you to create personalized product ads to the store visitors who leave without purchasing and have a higher chance to finally buy your products.

Requirements to Use Brainity

  • Have a Shopify Paid Plan and at Least 1 Product
  • Have a Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Have a Working Advertising Account
  • Have a Published Facebook Page
  • Instagram Account Linked to Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Pixel Installed on Your Store
  • Have Around 1,000 Visitors During the Last Month
  • Highly Recommended to Have Good Photos of Your Products
  • We don’t recommend to use Brainity if you have a new store with low traffic

Brainity Key Features

  • Automatic Ad Management: Auto-A/B Testing & Optimization, Adaptive Budget Suggestions, and Reporting
  • Facebook Product Dynamic Ads
  • Support Ad Carousel Format in All Placements: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network
  • One-Click Facebook Pixel Set up
  • Auto-Sync All Your Products in Stock

Upcoming Features

Brainity is continuously improving and soon will introduce these new features:

  • Outstanding Visual Reporting Dashboard
  • Automatic Dynamic Retargeting Strategy
  • Automatic Prospecting Campaigns

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