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Get higher conversion rates by messaging everyone that comments on your ads.

Facebook Messenger is a great social media platform for engaging directly with fans and moving them into your sales funnel. This app takes advantage of the fact that Facebook allows you to automate engagement with any fan that has already commented on any of your posts or ads (past or future).

Who needs this?

  • Are you tired of wasting your Facebook Ads budget?
  • Looking for a way to automate your marketing efforts?
  • Do you want more website clickthroughs from Facebook?
  • Do you want to engage with more fans over Messenger?

Promote your products and collections

Send thousands of automated private messages through Facebook Messenger. This app allows you to automatically start conversations with users that comment on your ads and posts and send them messages containing custom collections of products with photos, titles, prices and links to checkout pages.

Promote links, texts and discount codes

Customize your messages. You can choose to send any link or text which would be appropriate for a specific ad or post. It’s also possible to include discount codes. A great way to give your interested fan an extra incentive to buy!

Get more pageviews

Facebook Ads Booster will help you get more clicks to your website from Facebook faster than ever. We know your fans are genuinely interested in your products, but sometimes they need to be engaged in a more direct way.

Automate your social media engagement

Call out your fans and ask them to leave specific comments to see related content. Once they reach out, you get to know who they are, where they’re from, and what they click on!

So how does it work exactly?

You select which of your ads and posts you want to watch. With each ad and post you have the choice of filtering for specific keywords. If a fan comments with one of these keywords, they will be send a text message via Messenger, which you can customize. If the fan responds to this message, they can be sent a follow-up showing a custom collection of products to preview within Messenger. You can also choose to send a link or text. Essentially they can view your products or make purchases directly from Messenger. And it’s all automated!

What if the user wants to talk to you over Messenger?

If a user asks you questions and chats with you, it’s up to you to respond. There are no automated responses. Beware, fans that you chat with directly over Messenger have a much higher conversion rate and spend more!

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