Why send Automated Marketing Emails?

All top performing companies implement marketing automation and the reason for this is to drive up revenue and free up time.

How do Triggered Emails Work?

An automated email marketing campaign is when an email is automatically sent to a customer when they qualify for it. Examples of these could be a Happy Birthday Email, an Abandoned cart email, A Feedback request etc. These emails ensure that there’s constant communication with customers and aim to build a relationship with those customers.

What Does Boomerang App Do?

The Boomerang app allows you to create an automated email that is sent out X days after a purchase.

There are many ways you could use this app such as:-
* 60 days after last purchase with a discount code to try and entice old customers to come back.
* 7 days after last purchase and request a review on the product they bought.
* 14 days after last purchase asking if they would like to re-order again.
* 4 days after last purchase making sure their parcel arrived ok and they were happy with their order.

We love to hear feedback and suggestions so please feel free to send us your ideas and what automation campaigns you would like to be sending!