BlogCollab let’s you easily collaborate with your blog’s co-authors.

It’s the perfect tool to get input from ghost writers and guest bloggers without having to give them access to your store’s admin. All you need to do is send them a generated link so they can have instant access to your content.

It allows you to easily edit and approve your content and seamlessly publish them to your store’s blog. The collaboration links become inactive once a post has been approved.

Save time and effort managing your team-generated blog content in one place!

Powerful Rich Text Editor

The editor allows you to drag and drop photos and copy / paste text. You may begin your post with something visual or a set of keywords relevant to the article so that your collaborator can get inspired on what to start on.

Update Content in Real-time

When you type something on the editor, your text will instantly update on your collaborator’s screen allowing you to have no disruption in your creative flow as ideas come to your mind.

Instant Messager

Easily chat with your collaborator in the context of your article. This avoids miscommunication and the need to search for what was discussed in your emails. A history is stored so you can easily track back conversations.

Embed YouTube Videos

We all know how essential videos are to deliver rich and engaging content to your audience. Our html editor allows you to paste YouTube’s embed code and you see the output right away.

Keyword Density Tool

The built-in keyword density tool allows you to monitor your article to make sure your top keywords are within right amount of instances for better SEO.

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