Writing blog articles in your Shopify store is a great way to promote your products and engage your customers but are useless if nobody looks at them. Creating hyperlinks between your products and blog posts can help drive traffic between the two sections but adding them by hand can be tedious and hard to maintain.

Blog Linker is a simple yet powerful app that allows you to automatically create links between your blog posts on your product pages and vice versa.

How It Works

Blog Linker is installed into your store by generating a small code snippet that you need to copy and paste into your theme. Once the snippet is placed in your theme Blog Linker will insert links that will take on the style of the theme. You can customise the layout of the links in the control panel, adding descriptions and thumbnails depending on your needs.

Operation Modes

Blog Linker can operate in one of the following modes:

  • In tag matching mode Blog Linker will create links between articles and products that have the same tags associated with them. You can also optionally show random articles and products if there are not enough with matching tags.

  • In fully random mode, Blog Linker will choose articles or products at random.

How Blog Linker Drives Sales

Imagine you have a clothing store. You might have a range of clothing that uses bamboo as a material. You could then have a series of blog articles about sustainable textiles.

You would likely want the customers to know the benefits of the clothing they are considering purchasing but without tediously adding links from your product page to the blog articles your customers might not even see them.

By simply installing Blog Linker this process can be automated and all your products would be interconnected with your blog articles.

Blog Linker can also work in reverse. A customer might come across your blog article when searching for sustainable textiles. After reading your article they could be presented with links to sustainable products.

About Us

Blog Linker was originally developed for a Shopify merchant with real requirements and after its potential was realised it was opened to the general public.

We love working with merchants and listen to all the feedback that we get. Some of the most popular features such as random linking were suggested by merchants and we went on to implement it.

If you’re having trouble at all with the app or just want to drop us a line we would love to hear from you!

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