Sync your Shopify products to Bing Merchant center and increase your sales with Bing Shopping / Product Ads.


  • Uses the same product information from the Google Shopping app so you don’t have to re-enter data. Don’t waste your time!
  • Embedded app that looks great and is as easy to use as the rest of Shopify. It’s just like the Google Shopping app you’re already using.
  • Sync SEO (search engine optimized) product titles and descriptions.
  • Sync all of your products or just a single collection.
  • Uses the latest Bing API features to quickly upload your products and provide instant feedback on any errors.
  • Update product pricing without waiting the standard 3-5 days for Bing to process – great for running sales!
  • Automatic publishing will keep your products from expiring.

Need Help?

Getting set up properly with Bing can be frustrating. Let one of our experts set you up for free.


This app requires a Bing Ads account.