When you share a link on Facebook and other social media, Facebook will automatically detect an image from the page you are sharing and include the thumbnail in your post. Facebook scrapes the webpage that the posted URL links to and performs its own internal selection of which thumbnail to display. With this app, you can easily change your social media image automatically selected by Facebook and other social media.


Standing out in your customer’s social media feeds is hard and the competition is tough. By uploading an image specifically optimized for social media like Facebook you can easily increase your click-through rates and your conversion rates by uploading an image that has a clear call-to-action instead of using your default image from your shop. The image allows you to control what people see when they share your content, so it’s important to use quality images.


This app lets you upload social media images for both products, collections and your shop. After the upload has completed, next time you or a customer shares a link to Facebook, Facebook will automatically display your uploaded image.

About Kompile

At Kompile our developers are very passionate about the development of Shopify and eCommerce solutions for integration into the customer’s own inventory and ERP system. We are experienced in both Private and Public apps for the Shopify App Store, as well as advanced solutions developed with Liquid.