Better email deliverability leads to more sales!

A valid email address on your customers is essential to email marketing success and customer support.

When your number of email bounces, complaints, and spam trap hits exceeds the threshold set by ISPs, your messages can be sent to the spam folder or even blocked. Also,
if you don’t have a valid email on your customers you are not able to send them order shipping and confirmation details.

With this app you get the following features

Spam Trap Suppression

We’ve done extensive research and data collection on spam traps, frequent complainers, honeypots, bots and disposable emails to help you maintain a clean and worry-free email list.

Email Correction Suggestions

Our email hygiene checks for syntax and spelling errors (ex.: ->, and automatically suggest what the email might have been if it’s clear that it was a spelling error.

Domain Checks

We maintain a proprietary database to provide the fastest and most accurate domain validation available. We verify the status of a domain multiple times over a period of time to ensure you receive accurate results.

Mailbox Checks

We use sophisticated technology and dedicated IP addresses to check mailboxes in real-time and determine whether messages will soft bounce, hard bounce or deliver.

All of this runs in the background of your shop and automatically validates all new Orders you get. No advanced setup is required to get this app working.

About Kompile

At Kompile our developers are very passionate about the development of Shopify and eCommerce solutions for integration into the customer’s own inventory and ERP system. We are experienced in both Private and Public apps for the Shopify App Store, as well as advanced solutions developed with Liquid