New features update:

12/07/2018: You can now export emails Bargainator has collected during its negotiation
with your visitors

11/15/2018: New Bargainator Announcement section to great your visitors and announce
relevant information like ongoing promotion or even to introduce the
Bargainator itself.

11/02/2018: New sales hook features to get attention from your visitors

The first negotiation chatbot on the market!

The Bargainator is a charming yet fierce negotiator! Let AI help you grow your business above and beyond what you ever thought possible.

Welcome to the future of eCommerce.

A demo store is worth a thousand words, test the Bargainator here:

The Bargainator: What Is It and How Does It Work?


At its core, the Bargainator is a chatbot. Basically, it’s an app powered by artificial intelligence which conducts real-time conversations via textual methods with your customers. Designed to simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, chatbots are typically used for customer service or information acquisition… and that’s where our Bargainator differs: it’s specifically engineered to let shoppers negotiate a discount!


It’s actually a pretty straightforward process. You choose on which products you want the Bargainator enabled, you pre-set a maximum discount, and we do the rest.

AI-Powered Negotiation Chatbot

Tireless and working ‘round the clock, the Bargainator will let you engage with your customers in real-time. Using a mix of AI, sophisticated algorithms and a touch of machine learning, it will broker the best deal possible on your behalf.

Slick looking, the embedded chat module will easily blend in with your Shopify theme.

Take Control

Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands! At any moment you can take full control of the Bargainator and make a special deal.

Easy to use, the chat control center lets you monitor all the bargaining sessions that are happening live and intervene at will! You can also create a custom discount code right there and then.

Don’t Want to Miss a Thing?

Everything moves so fast nowadays, you need to have the tools to keep up!

Blazing fast, our push notifications system can alert you as soon as a bargaining session starts, when the Bargainator reaches a deal or even when he fails. Available on desktop and Android at the moment, it’s coming (very) soon on iOS.

Create a Custom Campaign in 2 Minutes!

Your time is precious, and we know it. Getting a campaign up and running can be done in seconds!

Download BARGAINATOR today, it’s free to try!

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