Automatic discount applied at checkout. Tutorials:

Discount rules

Create rules to apply a discount according to what’s in the shopping cart, based on:
– Amount of the order
– Total number of items
– Number of the same item
– Number of different items
– Weight of the order
– Product type
– Vendor
– Variant

Advanced discount rules

  • All rules from the Basic rules +
  • Combining rules for a single code
  • New rules related to your customers (customer tag, past orders & more)
  • Rules can use equal, not equal, bigger, smaller
  • Scheduling rules

Discount links

Send traffic to a specific product or collection and automatically apply a discount once a product is added to cart.

Active Discount Display

Display applied discounts inside your theme, for example in your cart page.

Pre-filled cart links

Build and share a pre-filled cart link with a discount attached to it.