Understand Your Return on Ad Spend and Spend Smarter

Start tracking your conversions and see which marketing channels are working for you with one click. Just click the “Get” button now!

  • Attribution uses precise methods to calculate the return on investment (ROI) from your online marketing and advertising channels.

  • Attribution diligently tracks every touchpoint each visitor makes before a purchase is made.

  • We automatically track Organic and Social traffic broken down into categories for each search engine and social network.

  • Integrated with Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bing, Adroll, Outbrain, Friendbuy and more which means pull in your campaigns and automatically tag your your ads so you can see which ad each customer came from.

  • True Multi-Touch Attribution: When a purchase is made, we divide credit between each touchpoint that influenced the purchase decision.

  • Choose from many multi-touch models: first touch, last touch, linear, position based, or time-decay attribution.

Track Any Type of Spend or Marketing Effort

Apply any type of spending to any channel. Want to track ROI on a niche ad platform? No problem. Want to track the ROI of your social media consultants? We can do that too.

Audit Your Customer’s Full Customer Journey

Each customer tells an interesting story that you’ll never get from a spreadsheet or an ad platform. Understand those stories and use them to power better marketing decisions.

Track Real Lifetime Value

Attribution lets you track both the revenue collected as it happens, and the revenue expected based on the account. You define your lifetime value and we track the ROI.

Track Real People Across All Devices

Our model is based on people, not devices, so you can seamlessly track customers across multiple devices, phones, and apps.