AI-powered Social Proof and Shoppable Galleries for Fashion Brands

This is a simple and smart social proof and shoppable gallery tool for Shopify merchants. As a small store owner, you will love its simplicity. As a fast-growing brand, you will love its powerful time-saving features powered by AI.

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Smart Gallery Technology

Our social proof galleries are smart. Our AI algorithm decides which photos to show in your gallery based on what it learns about your photos and their performance over time. The best part is you don’t have to do anything. It’s all automatic. And it kicks in once you have tagged a few dozen photos and have used our tool for a couple of weeks.


Our analytics system will help you analyze the performance of social proof galleries on your website at a photo level. You will get notifications if a particular photo is doing really well in terms of engagement and conversions. You can leverage that insight to run Instagram and Facebook ads to drive high-quality traffic to your website