ai.Video – Video Ads To Boost Sales

ai.Video is an easy-to-use and highly effective app to attract visitors and increase sales in your store.

What you can do with ai.Video:

  • Create effective video ads at scale

You do not have to undergo a long procedure to create each ad video. Create multiple videos at one time to conduct A/B tests to quickly decide which kind of creative generates more conversions.

  • Boost your sales with proven templates

Choose a template for different placements, including Instagram stories, and customize it for your business. Within one click, product image, price, and title appears on the template you choose.

  • Save your efforts with automating

You can duplicate and edit your drafts at any stage of ad creation, optimizing your time on creative production.

  • Save time with pre-setup Facebook ad campaigns

Due to App integration with Facebook, you do not have to spend lots of admin time downloading or uploading videos to Facebook Ads Manager. Launch new campaigns directly from the App or add creatives to existing ones.

  • Optimize ad performance

The intelligent software calculates the best possible performance according to your ads history and provides smart suggestions on templates and products for the ads.

  • Company Facebook Page synchronization

Share product videos in your Facebook Page automatically.

We know how to make your business attractive to potential customers and lucrative to you, not only because we have the skills and experience, but because we care.