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Who we are?

AdScale powerful Machine Learning app handles every aspect of your paid marketing campaigns, from campaigns creation to optimizing conversions and reducing advertising costs. With a managed advertising spend of over $200M/year, AdScale presents the next generation of advertising solutions.

How the App works?

First, our AI algorithm analyze your store data and combine it with similar industries data. Using the analyzed data, our system create advertising campaigns ( both on Google & Facebook) that are tailored to your store and are targeted to the relevant audience. Once campaigns are live, our algorithms are constantly reviewing the performance and optimizing the campaigns bids, budget and content, all in the goal of getting you as much orders as possible with the given advertising budget.

The entire process is fully automated!

What platforms do we support?

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping (Including creation of Merchant Center).
  • Google Display + Dynamic Remarketing.
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Why AdScale?

  • Real-Time Bid & Budget Management – analyzing data in real-time and adjusts bids.
  • Automated Adjustment of Campaigns – adds or removes keywords, ads, products.
  • Automated sync of your products – ads update according to product changes.
  • Automated Pixels Installation – for both Google & Facebook.
  • Click Fraud Protection – Protection from fraudulent clicks and envious competitors.
  • Full Transparency & Control on Budget – billed directly by Google & Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an active Google Ads or Facebook Ads account?

A: No, we’re building you new ad accounts on our system, so our algorithms can work with them. You won’t need to connect any account to AdScale.

Q: Do you charge me for the advertising costs?

A: No, the advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook. We are only charging you for app fees.

Q: Can I control my advertising budget?

A: Yes, you can set a daily budget limit and can pause or stop your campaigns at any time.

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: Yes, there is no commitment to use AdScale. You can stop the service at any time.

Q: Can I see my advertising campaigns performance?

A: Yes, you can check the overview of your campaign on our app dashboard & drill down to specific data with Reports.

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