Boost Your Sales with Real-Time Product Incentives for Customers

Additional Incentive Layer. Active Cart now allows you to offer an additional product such as a Free OR discounted item automatically upon purchase of your products! Increase sales by offering more than free shipping after spending past a threshold. Try an actual product!

Automatically Add To-Cart. No longer do customers have to hope for a store to send their “earned” product/gift upon purchase. Active Cart takes the guessing work out of it and automatically adds your “earned” product to the customers cart upon purchase.

Use Cases for Active Cart

BUY THIS and GET THAT FREE — You can now add to product descriptions (of your choosing) additional incentive to purchase. It is proven that people are more likely to purchase when they feel they are getting more value. Example; Buy Product “X”, receive product “Y” FREE!

SPEND THIS, GET THAT FREE. Adding spending milestones to earn a particular reward has also been a proven eCommerce strategy for quite some time now. No longer is “Free Shipping over $99” the only option. Add a header bar to educate users that if they spend X they AUTOMATICALLY GET Y! Example; Spend $79 and Get a Free Gift!

BUY THIS, GET THAT AT “X”% OFF. Value value value! Make customers feel like they are truly getting additional value when buying from you WHILE potentially earning additional revenue, too! If you know a product compliments another, try selling it at a discount to gain additional revenue and ultimately lead to happier customers. Example; Buy Product X, get Product Y 85% OFF!

Coded to Protect You

Hard Coded Protection. We’ve built this app with you, the store owner, in mind. Hardcoded within the app to ensure if someone is trying to just get a free or heavily discount product, they won’t be able too. We are here to protect you and your sales.

Automate Rewarding Customers

Add complimentary products automatically to your customer’s carts! Make each and every customer feel like they are getting extra value, automatically, with Active Cart. While you cut down your workload we ensure each product is added and sent along with each order. Join the movement of entrepreneaurs that are Selling More by Giving More.

Try Active Cart for FREE Today

Install Active Cart for FREE with our Starter Plan to do your marketing and sales by adding an additional incentive layer to ONE product. Our Starter Plan allows you run one campaign for one product offering with one campaign type (Buy X Get Y).

With the Premium Plan you will get additional features like unlimited campaigns, every campaign type (Buy X Get Y, Buy X Get Y %OFF, Spend X Get Y), and unlimited product variations for your campaigns.

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