Are your customers actually getting your emails?

If your customers did not agree to accept marketing from you when they made their purchase, they are NOT receiving your emails. Users of Accept My Marketing have been shocked to find out how few of their customers are actually getting their emails!

Accept My Marketing helps you reach as many of your customers as possible

If you use an email service like Mailchimp or Klaviyo, this app is for you.
You probably use email to let your past customers know about:
* Upcoming sales at your store
* New products you have launched
* Ongoing deals or discounts
* News about your company or team
* Referral or ambassador opportunities

So how does Accept My Marketing work?

  1. We show you your current percentage of customers receiving email marketing
  2. The app guides you to optimize the Subscription Prompt on your checkout page
  3. You can re-capture customers who deny marketing with our Thank You Page CTA
  4. Win back past and ongoing customers with automatic email invitations
  5. Track your progress and see the money recovered with more customers getting your emails!

10 minute set up

When you install Accept My Marketing, you’ll get to see your current stats instantly and our tools to improve your stats take less than 10 minutes to set up!

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