The original theme Shopify Options are showing briefly before the app loads.

You may notice a brief moment where the original Shopify Options of your theme are loading before our apps product options load. This is normal.

Our app is already optimized to load as quickly as possible on your store. Our JS and CSS are served directly from Shopify’s servers and cached ensuring the fastest load speeds.

If you don’t want the original Shopify Options from your theme to display at first load you can follow the directions below.

Select Default Settings for Shopify Options

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Since we are going to hide your theme’s original Shopify Options you will need our app to load on every product to ensure that the product options are showing.

You can set up default settings for Shopify Options on the Settings page to load our apps product options on every product.

  • Open the app
  • Click on Settings link in the navigation
  • Select an option for Default Settings for Shopify Options
  • Save (top of the page).

A good product option type to select is Buttons, to have our apps Buttons load by default on every product.

Add our apps App Block and Hide the original Product Options.

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Now that our app is loading on every product you can add our app’s app block to your default product template and hide your original Shopify Options.

To add our app block follow the steps in the article below.

How to add, remove, and reorder the app block within the theme editor (2.0 Themes)

Hide original Shopify Options

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After you have added our app block you can hide the Original Shopify Options. This can be called “Variant picker”, “variants”, or something similar.

On the Default Product Template place your mouse over the Shopify Option and click the eye icon. This will hide the Shopfiy Options.

Click “Save” in the upper right.

The end result will look like the screenshot below. There will be a cross through the eye icon next to the Shopify Options signifying that it is hidden. Our app block will show right below so it is in the same location as the previous Shopify Options.

If you remove our app make sure that you make your theme’s original Shopify Options visible again. If you don’t there won’t be any product options visible on your store.



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