About Best Custom Product Options

Give your customers the best shopping experience with better usability and beautiful custom options.

Use our app to style the product options you created in Shopify or add unlimited customizations, product options, and variant options with our app.

Give your customers more custom options and personalization allowing you to sell more on your site. Use conditional logic to show/hide options based on what the shopper has already picked.

After the customer orders, you can see those options on the order summary within Shopify.

Display what is in stock

We are the only app that visually shows what is in and out of stock in your product options. Set up your inventory control like you always have. Our app will pull in existing inventory management data and display it with your new options.

Unlimited Custom Product Options

Shopify limits you to 3 options and 100 variants.

With Best Custom Product Options you can have as many options and variants you want.

No Coding

Unlike other apps, you won’t have to follow a bunch of complicated instructions to get your product options working.

The code gets automatically added to your active theme, so your custom options will work immediately.

Custom Product Options:

Choose the best way to display your products with our custom options;

  • buttons
  • color swatches
  • variant image swatches
  • radio buttons
  • checkboxes
  • text input
  • file upload

App Features:

  • Easy Duplication Tool – Set up one product option then copy those settings to other products with our easy to use duplication tool.
  • Global Settings – Set up global product option settings that will show on all your products.
  • Custom Styles – Customize the style to fit your site.
  • Conditional logic – Display the product options when your customer needs them, not when they don’t.

Styled to fit your Theme

We use the styling of your theme to make everything fit in with the design of your site.

Choose Custom Styles for your Product Options

Customize your style everything to fit your needs.

  • Choose round, square, or invisible borders
  • Variant Image Swatches & Color Swatches can be small, medium, or large size
  • Variant Image Swatches & Color Swatches can be circular or square
  • Show or hide inventory tooltips
  • Two sold out styles

We also have code snippets to help you customize everything even further.

Conditional Logic

Only show the product options when your customer needs it.

Use conditional logic to show/hide options based on what the shopper has already picked.

Limited Characters for Input Text

Limit the character count the customer can put in. Perfect for letting your customer customize a product.

Multi-Select Options

Multi-select allows your customer to select more than one variant in your product options. You can use this with buttons, checkboxes, and variant images or color swatches.

File Upload

Customize your products with our file upload option




Advanced - coming soon



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