Knowband ‑ Scratch Coupon

Scratch & Win Discount, Unique way to offer discounts

Mautic Hooks

Complete Integration of Your Store with Mautic


Powerful integrations and targeted messaging tools

Firecart Marketing Automation

Automate customer engagement, increase conversion, grow profit

Treasure Hunt

Funnel your visitors to products you REALLY want to showcase!

Cross‑Selling Emails

Boosts your repeat sales by sending an email to buyers.


Recover revenue from abandoned carts & Schedule promo emails

Facebook Countdown Retargeting

Re-engage your store visitors using countdown ads

Preferred Customer

Keep your return customers happy and increase reorders

Google Shopping & Search Ads

Automate Shopping & Search ads from Collections & Products

The Gifts Bundler

Create gift bundles and list them on The Gifts Finders website


AI-powered email marketing for online retailers

Marketing Analytics for Humans


Receive exclusive discounts and high quality traffic!

Related Products & Blogs

Let display relevant products and relevant blog posts.

Discount Campaign

Boost your sales with Discount Campaign app.

Campus Reps

Reward representatives with redeemable points for doing tasks.

Better Social Media Images

Easily upload images for Facebook and other social media sites

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