Why are my virtual options not appearing in the cart? part 2

First make sure that you aren’t using Shopify’s Dynamic checkout buttons (Click for More info). Also make sure that your theme doesn’t use an AJAX cart (Click for more info).

The two problems above are usually the reason why the options aren’t making it to the cart. A less common problem is if the customer is using a browser with JavaScript disabled. If this is true they will be able to add products to the cart without filling out the options.

There is no solution to stop customers without JavaScript from doing this; but you can put a message to warn them they may be buying a product that requires additional options.

Place this code above the add to cart button in the theme files or where you want it to appear.

<p>This product may have some additional options that require JavaScript to be displayed. Here's  <a href="http://www.enable-javascript.com/" target="_blank">How to enable JavaScript in your browser</a>.</p>

If you need more help setting this up send us an email.

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