How to remove the apps code from your theme

One-click remove code

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Click on the installation button in the navigation

  • Here you can choose what theme you want to delete our code from
  • The first theme on the list is your current live theme
  • Click Delete Code
  • This will delete our app’s code to that theme

Manually remove code

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You can manually remove the code from your theme.liquid file.

Our app’s code looks like this.

The first two lines are the code to make our app work. If you delete our app you don’t have to delete this code but it is also good to delete this code and clean up your files.

The third line of code is our quick load code. This code will only show if you manually added it or had us add it for you.

If you remove our app you will need to delete the quickload code or it will cause issues in your theme.

Below is the first two lines of code that our app needs to run.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script>var bcpo_product={{ product | json }}; {% if product.metafields.bcpo.bcpo_data %}var bcpo_data={{ product.metafields.bcpo.bcpo_data }};{% endif %} {% if shop.metafields.bcpo.bcpo_settings %}var bcpo_settings={{ shop.metafields.bcpo.bcpo_settings }};{% endif %}var inventory_quantity = [];{% for v in product.variants %}inventory_quantity.push({{v.inventory_quantity}});{% endfor %}if(bcpo_product) { for (var i = 0; i < bcpo_product.variants.length; i += 1) { bcpo_product.variants[i].inventory_quantity = inventory_quantity[i]; }}window.bcpo = window.bcpo || {}; bcpo.cart = {{cart | json}}; bcpo.ogFormData = FormData;</script>

Below is the quickload code that must be removed.

<script src="{{shop.permanent_domain}}"></script>
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